New Haven, lecture in The Struggle [starts on 5:35]

November 2014


Incisive Commentary on Israel/Palestine with Former UN Official Richard Falk and Israeli Journalist Ofra Yeshua-Lyth:
Radio interview by Peter Collins


ODS – One Democratic State in Palestine/ Israel
Zurich Conference
17-18 May 2014


From the Conference “From Truth to Redress: Realizing the Return of Palestinian Refugees” organized by Zochrot, September 29-30, 2013, Tel Aviv.

Panel: “State, Regime and Space: Return Where?” Chair: Salman Natour – Author and Playwright, Daliet Al-Karmel

Return as the Key for a One-State Solution / The Jaffa Group for
One Democratic State. Speaker: Ofra Yeshua-Lyth [Language: Hebrew]


Justice Action Media (JAM) – Filmed at CAPS TV in Ventura, CA on April 12, 2010.

Interview with Ofra Yeshua-Lyth, an Israeli Jew & military veteran, former journalist with Maariv, Israel’s 2nd largest newspaper, and member of New Profile, an Israeli feminist organization. Hosted by Cindy Piester of Pulse TV. Discuss militarism & lack of equal civil rights in Israel.